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Recovery & treatment

China is a big country for E&E product production, consumption, and discard as well. People have used E&E products since 1980th in their home. According to the life cycle, it’s 15-20 years for electrical appliance and 3-6 years for electronic appliance, so you can see that China is entering a peak time for discarding of E&E product. In order to regulating recycling industry, NDRC has taken the lead to formulate policies with other departments. China-WEEE has been published since 4th March, 2009 and will be implemented on 1st Jan, 2011. CHEARI has been all through the process of study and draft of China-WEEE and its supporting policies.

Research reports

Report on environment study for WEEE, 2010

Main content: This report introduces international conventions, regulations and policies of hazardous substances included in WEEE products, and discusses distribution of hazardous material in typical WEEE products, supporting for management of recovery and treatment for WEEE in China

Calculate and trend analysis for the quantities of discarded WEEE and its weight in theory, 2010

Main content: This report puts forward the calculation methods for the quantities of discarded WEEE. Different formulas and experience modulus for different type of electrical and electronic products. One of the calculation methods has been adopted by MEP. The report provides technology support for management of recovery and treatment on WEEE product, as well as for development planning in China

Research on how to realize sustainable manufacture system in household appliance industry, 2009

Main content: This report is depended on previous project from MOST in 2003, introducing the achievements and experience of sustainable manufacture system for foreign household appliance industry, adding the latest policies, regulations, and industry development, and puts forward suggestions for realizing sustainable manufacture system in household appliance industry in China

Impact on Chinese air-condition/fanner export manufacturers by implementing EU WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive

Main content: The two EU directives have made a great impact on both air-condition/fanner manufacturers and exporters. Chinese air-condition/fanner manufacturers have to improve their whole strength and technology level to meet the two directives. Air-condition/fanner manufacturers and exporters need to improve their product design, reconfirm their suppliers, and respond for management of their products after discarded. The advantage is low price and flexible management for air-condition/fanner SMEs. But just because of the small size of enterprise, the ability of research and development is limited. Along with implementation of the two directives, they will meet significant impact. This task analyzed the characteristic of air-condition/fanner export SMEs, and disparity of them to meet requirements of the two directives through investigation and survey, pointing out some instruction and suggestions to the exporters to improve their competitive power

Investigation reports

Eco-design and recycling system of electrical and electronic products in EU, 2007

Main content: EU has issued and implemented WEEE, RoHS, EUP, and REACH Directives in recent years. It makes a great impact on Chinese electrical and electronic product industry, including design, manufacture and export. How to reply these untechnological trade barriers and increase the whole power of industry are the most important problems to be solved by the department in charge of the industry. By the invitation of relevant institute, a delegation of 6 people went to Sweden, Germany and England to investigate and communicate about eco-design and recycling system of E&E product by the leading of Mr. Liu Fuzhong, who is the president of WEEE Recycling Association of CHEAA.

Investigation report on WEEE recycling industry in Taiwan, 2006

Main content: By request of Taiwan, a 14-people delegation inspected recycling industry in Taiwan.

Investigation report on WEEE recycling technology and facility in Canada and America, 2004

Main content: By the invitation of relevant companies, we visited Noranda Recycling co., Fluorescent Lamp Recyclers, Appliance Recycling Centers of America INC, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Montgomery County’s Recycling Center, Appliance Recycling Center of America, and etc., leaded by Mr. Liu Fuzhong, who is the president of WEEE Recycling Association of CHEAA

Investigation report on WEEE recycling system in Sweden and Germany, 2002

Main content: By the invitation of Sweden Environmental Protection Agency and Ministry of Germany Federation Environmental Protection, a 7-people delegation from government and CHEARI investigated WEEE recycling system and management policies in Sweden and Germany. We visited Sweden Environmental Protection Agency, Ragn Sells, Ministry of Germany Federation Environmental Protection, Rethmann, Electro Cycling, and etc., keeping abreast of WEEE regulations, recovery system, fee system, and recycling technology as well.


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