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Electrical Appliance Recycling technology Center is one of the most important R&D departments in CHEARI. We have started research on WEEE recycling issues commissioned by NDRC, MEP, MIIT, MOST and etc., including national and international policy, regulations, technologies and standards since 1998, undertaking many national research projects, providing technology support for governments on WEEE regulations and relevant policies in China. At the same time, Recycling Center devotes to research &development and promotion of WEEE recycling technology and equipment which is suitable for China.
Recycling Center has intensified international communication and cooperation, and extended to research on Eco-design, cleaner production, collecting system establishment for second-hand appliances market, remanufacture technology, low-carbon household appliance, and etc. in resent years. We have formed the model of multiple research fields and a technology service platform, promoting development for circular economy of E&E product in China.


WEEE treatment special fund supporting policies study and argumentation

Research on general requirements of eco-design and recyclability evaluation for household and similar electrical appliances

Impact on Chinese air-condition and fanner export manufactories by implementing EU WEEE Directive and RoHS Directive

Research on circular manufacture system in household appliances industry

Research and development of WEEE recycling technology

WEEE recycling equipments

CRT glass separation equipment

Screen glass cleansing equipment

Cut equipment for armor plate of refrigerator’s chest


National patent with invention: Method of producing foam glass by using waste CRT glass(ZL 200410003413.1)

National patent with utility models: Cut equipment for armor plate of refrigerator’s chest(ZL200420004709.0)

National patent with utility models: Separation equipment of screen and funnel glass of CRTs(ZL 2005 2 0132498.3)

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