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CHEARI Took part in the China Innovation Strategic Alliancefor Resource Recycling Industry (CIAR)

  On May 22, 2010, the second conference of the first council of CIAR was hold in Changsha, Hunan. The conference was hosted by Vice President Shilong Li from China CARCU, and invited Director Shengbiao Huang from social Development Division of Minister of Technology, and Director Xiaoyang Wang from Department Energy Saving and Comprehensive Utilization of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to make a statement. CHEARI took part in this alliance as a new member. Vice Dean Dejun Ma was elected to be the president of the alliance and Director Hui Tian from Household Appliance Recycling Technology Center was elected to be the expert member of the alliance. The conference introduced the political trend of resource and environment fields in the “Twelfth-five Year” technology plan, ensured the cooperating schemes in 2010 and the “Twelfth-five”, and discussed the thought of building Alliance and National Key Laboratories and National Engineering Center for the four key field of WEEE remanufacturing, waste metals, e-waste and waste tires.


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