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German business delegation came to CHEARI to communicate WEEE management and recycling technology

  June 4, 2010, a small business delegation, includes by the Mr. Oberle, the executive director of the Thomas Oberle market consulting company of German, Mr. Bernhard Jehle, the Managing Director of ZM-Elektronik Recycling, Mr. Sven Grieger, the general manager of NEN EcologyNet Europe, visited the Household Appliance Recycling Technology Center of CHEARI.The two sides discussed the on the implementing of WEEE Management Regulation, appliances trade-in policy, CRT industry status and recyclingtechnologies.
  Since June 2009, theNational Household Appliance Trade-in Policy not only stimulatesthe consumption of household appliances, but also standardizes the recycling channels and promoting the establishment of processing enterprises. With the rapid increase of the amount of recycling of waste TV, China will soon faced with a number of issues related to the resourcing of leaded glass, the Germany experience and practices will provide us useful help.

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