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The "Waste Electrical and Electronic Product Recycling Management Regulations" Campaign Starts

  “Low carbon emissions& Green Living –the "Waste Electrical and Electronic Product Recycling Management Regulations" Campaign Starting Ceremony was held in Beijing on June 5 by the Ministry ofEnvironmental Protection.

  Lijun Zhang, Vice Minister of Ministry of Environment Protection pointed out that China is one of the greatest countries of producing and consuming EEE. It was reported that during 2008, China produced 90.15 million televisions, 46 million refrigerators, 39 million washing machines, 68.5 million air conditioners, 138 million computers, 61.67 million printers and 600 million cellphones. It has been estimated by the experts that tens of millions of EEE became end-of-life. And there are a number of private workshops in some particular areas, which dispose the WEEE and circuit boards by the backward way of open burning and acid soaking, and create emission and pollution, which may threaten the human health. In order to solve the pollution problem of WEEE effectively, the regulation contains the regulation of dictionary of WEEE treatment, development plan of WEEE treatment, centralizedtreatment and treatment certification management. The regulation also ban the import of WEEE listed in the national dictionary of forbidden WEEE, and ban the backward technologies and forbidding treatments of WEEE. The implementing of the regulation presents a significant object of regulating the recycling activities of WEEE, preventing and reducing the environmental pollution, promoting the comprehensive utilization of resources, constructing the energy-saving and environment-friendly society, and protecting the human health.

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