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Disposal facility for CRT TV sets and CRTs

CRT separation equipment

CHEARI started research on WEEE recycling since 1998 and is the first national research institute in this field in China. We keep developing WEEE recycling technologies and equipments, which are suitable for Chinese situation. We have taken advantage on CRT recycling equipment. Now we own the second generation CRT glass separation equipment developed by CHEARI and Changhong Group.

This equipment is based on CHEARI’s patent of CRT glass separation technology. It constitutes three parts including scratching, heating & separation, and removing fluorescent layer.

CRT separation equipment

   panel glass after separation??????????  funnel glass after separation

These are funnel glass and panel glass which have been separated by the equipment. We can see that panel glass and funnel glass have been separated properly, and funnel glass which contains lead has not been left on panel glass. Comparing with the first generation separation equipment, the second one is more efficiency and safety.

    Cleansing machine

    CRT glass cleansing machine

    Funnel glass after cleansing


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